What Is Our Executive Team Development Service

We help you build and develop a world class management team to ensure that the proposed business growth plan can be successfully implemented. Our executive team development includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Interviewing each senior manager so we can gain an understanding of their capabilities.
  • Preparing the team for the growth journey.
  • Bringing the team together on the growth journey ensuring that their contribution is measured and rewarded.

Our team development consultants work with companies to ensure their management team is capable and aligned to deliver the proposed businesses growth plan. We focus our team development around the proven “Bruce Wayne Tuckmans” 5 stage process.

  • Stage 1 – Forming
  • Stage 2 – Storming
  • Stage 3 – Norming
  • Stage 4 – Performing
  • Stage 5 – Adjourning

Why Choose DropJaw Ventures

  • 100 years combined experience
  • 50+ transactions completed
  • Award winning funding consultants
  • Hands on non-executive director approach

Who We Can Help

Our team development consultants work with all businesses who are looking for executive team development to help with business growth.

Our end goal is to develop a world class senior management team.

Our Executive Team Development Service Includes

  • Commercial understanding
  • Developing team dynamics
  • Helping to prepare for growth
  • Working closely with team

What Management Team Qualities Are Investors Looking For?

executive team development

Drive, passion, resilience, ambition and adaptability are the core management team qualities looked for by investors (each mentioned by over 95% of investors). Financial expertise is relatively less important (60% of investors).

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Access to Capital

  • Review all funding avenues
  • Tips and advice on applications
  • Preparation of pitch deck
  • Attend funding pitches

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Strategic Advice

  • Organisation development
  • Link strategy with performance
  • Accelerate profitable innovation
  • Help deliver growth and profit

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