How Do We Help With Exit Management

We help you put a business exit management plan or wealth creation plan together to help you reduce or liquidate your stake in your business and ensure that you get the best return on your business and hopefully make a substantial profit.

As exit planning consultants, DropJaw Ventures can provide a comprehensive exit management valuation. A comprehensive valuation will demonstrate the financial strength of the business and can be extended to identify opportunities to enhance the attractiveness of the business to prospective purchasers. DropJaw has experience of valuing multiple companies at different stages of development across multiple sectors.

We have a proven approach to exit management. Our exit planning consultants’ service includes but isn’t limited to:

  • Business financials including robust financial projections and clearly articulated valuations.
  • Statutory and management information including profit and losses, balance sheets and key performance indicator schedules.
  • Identification of key business opportunities that will enhance the business to prospective purchasers.

We also help you identify the best time to exit by considering key economic factors.

Why Choose DropJaw Ventures

  • 100 years combined experience
  • 50+ transactions completed
  • Award winning funding consultants
  • Hands on non-executive director approach

Who We Can Help

Our exit planning consultants work with and support everyone who needs help with exit planning and management

Our end goal is to create you a strategic plan to help you sell your ownership in a company and ensure that you get the best return.

Our Exit Planning Consultants Can

  • Help with exit/wealth creation
  • Identify the best time for exit
  • Consider economic conditions
  • Make a company look enticing

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