Slide DropJaw Ventures offers not only business funding, mentoring and education, but advice on how you can stop being rejected for funding by ensuring you are investor ready and understand the options available to you.

Access to Capital

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What Is Access To Capital

DropJaw Ventures’ Access To Capital service helps you to secure funding from companies and investors, investing anything from £25,000 to £5,000,000. We help get your business ready so that when an investor looks at your business, they see a viable business to invest in.

By spending time in the business, we are able to understand and enhance all your processes and the narrative around it. This allows us to put a business plan and forecast together, find funders, approach potential investors and negotiate stronger investment terms on your behalf.

We often invest our own money in to the business and work, in a non-executive capacity, to drive it forward.

Why Choose DropJaw Ventures

  • 100 years combined experience
  • 50+ transactions completed
  • Award winning funding consultants
  • Hands on non-executive director approach

Who We Can Help

We are able to help all business who are in need of funding advice. Scale-Up businesses and those in need of turnaround find access to capital can be difficult to obtain. At some point, it may even seem like you’ve run out of options, but there are many ways to secure funding. If you think you’ve exhausted all your options, please get in touch.

Our Access To Capital Service Includes

  • Reviewing all funding options
  • Tips and advice on applications
  • Preparation of pitch deck and financial models
  • Attending funding pitches

Our Investor Readiness Approach

As funding consultants, it’s our job to get your business investor ready, this includes:

  1. Preparation of a pitch deck including full financial projections and narrative. Investors need to read your deck and believe your business will be profitable and that someone will want to buy it one day. We make the deck as clear and concise as possible. We work with you to get the essence of your brand across, not resorting to business jargon. There are no hard and fast rules but here are the things we think you should cover:
    1. Proposition: What is it? (you wouldn’t believe how often people miss this out) Who’s it for? What is the problem it solves? USPs?
    2. People: Who are you? What is your experience?
    3. Opportunity: Size of opportunity? Main competition? Why will you win?
    4. Numbers: Cost to make? Making money today? Material assets/liabilities so far? How big do you think you can get it?
    5. Plans: How will you: Develop it? Make it? Market it? Sell it?
    6. Investment: How much investment do you want? What will you do with it? How will we realise value?
  1. We help the team prepare for the growth journey, ensuring those that will be involved in the diligence during the fund-raising activities can manage that process swiftly and professionally so as not to jeopardise the potential funding
  2. We work at the forefront of the fundraising process by selecting and approaching potential investors which match your current state of maturity, investor readiness, vertical sector, geographical location and amount/ type of funding required
  3. We attend and support the pitch
  4. We complete the pitch follow up with the investors and provide you with a debrief
  5. We will work with shareholders, management and legal advisors on mutual due diligence and closure of the funding.

Why Do Investment Deals Break Down?

Below we look at some of the main causes of investment deals breaking down from a business and an investor perspective.

Top Tips For Pitching To An Investor

Don’t just take our word for it…

Having met Roy just over two years ago I can honestly say it was one of the most worthwhile coffee meetings I have had. Roy understands the #finance market better than most and can identify the appropriate finance needed for a growing business whether that be debt or equity at whatever stage in the growth journey the business is in. Roy also gives valuable support to his clients and from my understanding gives that full rounded offer of advice and guidance to many businesses across the whole of the Northern Powerhouse. Great guy and I look forward to working with Roy more in the future.Sue Barnard, British Business BankI have worked with Roy and his clients to provide funding for a number of DropJaw clients via the Northern Powerhouse Investment fund. From a lenders point of view Roy and his team are able to position the deal and address questions positively to get the best result for their clients. Roy is great guy to work with and genuinely has his clients interests at heart.Mark Gibbons, GC Business FinanceI've worked with DropJaw over the past couple of months on a couple of very specific objectives, and every step of the way I've received the guidance and answers I've required in order to achieve what we set out to together. At this stage of the journey, we've nearly hit every goal we set out to - and I'm looking forward to the coming couple of months, where I am confident we'll continue to do the same. It's been a pleasure.Tom Keeping, Keeping StudioI've been working with Roy and Dropjaw for 2 years now. Roy takes a considered approach to fundraising for his clients. He understands funders' requirements and what they are looking for. His wealth of experience in business helps enormously in this regard and he always strives to do the best for both his clients and the funders. It is a pleasure working with him and I look forward to doing so for many years to come.Gary Guest, FW Capital

About DropJaw Ventures

DropJaw Ventures provides access to capital, interim management and advisory services to scale up businesses and companies in need of turnaround.

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