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Peninsula Enterprise (a business unit of Serco Regional Services Limited)

The Issue

Connecting Cheshire Superfast Business helps growth and growth potential to businesses in Cheshire and Warrington whilst maximising the opportunities of Superfast Broadband (SFBB) and associated technologies.

This is a European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Superfast Broadband Business Support programme led by Peninsula Enterprise (Part of Serco) and delivered with Groundwork Cheshire on behalf of the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) and local authorities.

The Solution

Peninsula Enterprise appointed DropJaw as ICT specialist advisors that can provide ‘specialist’ advice/consultancy to SME growth or growth potential businesses in Cheshire and Warrington as part of the Superfast Business Service.

The specialist advice is delivered either one to one with a business or with a group of businesses by delivering a small workshop.

The Results

We have worked with businesses to help define a robust IT strategy which will leverage the new SFBB rollout and support their long term business objectives. We have also helped companies procure and implement new IT systems to support their long term growth and viability.

“Roy started to deliver specialist advice and support on behalf of the Connecting Cheshire Superfast Business programme from December 2013. This was in a 1:1 capacity and focused on a wide range of commercial areas were ICT can have a positive impact. Roy has a very clear understanding on what challenges small and medium businesses face in this changing landscape, this is evident through the insight he shares and the value that this provides. Roy has a lot of commercial experience to draw upon, it is this knowledge that enables him and the people or businesses around him to succeed and achieve their own ambitions”.

David Marnell
Programme and Partnership Manager Peninsula Enterprise (a business unit of Serco Regional Services Limited)

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