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Sales Bond


The Issue

Nicole Markham founder of Sales Bond based in Birmingham, first met the DropJaw team after Roy Shelton, (managing partner) was assigned to her as a mentor through the Aston Business School – Small Business Growth program in March 2018.

The growing telemarketing and lead generation company that specialises in creating face to face meetings for its clients through strategic calls and social media connection building, was looking for guidance from Roy in terms of looking at the company finances, help to forecast for the future and put in place a strategy for growth.

The Solution

Roy and the DropJaw team really understood the Sales Bond business, they spent time with the team, met some of the Sales Bond customers, reviewed all systems & processes, and challenged all suppliers to offer more.

The Results

DropJaw Ventures has helped Nicole and her team to reduce overheads via increased process and innovation, to empower them and enabled Nicole to plan for future growth.

Sales Bond now has cashflow forecasting and resource planning tools and a strategic growth plan called
‘Project Skyfall’ that engages and galvanizes the team and has also prepared a detailed pitch deck to gain additional funding should the company need it for the next stage of growth.

Roy Shelton of DropJaw has also been a Non-Executive Director of Sales Bond since September 2018.

Nicole Markham said: “As MD of Sales Bond, a fast-paced start-up SME, I have been like a rabbit in the headlights when it comes to finding good, honest, practical advice. I met Roy Shelton from DropJaw via Aston Business School, he was my mentor.

“What Roy achieved in just the first four hours of time allocated – completely bowled me over and is continuing to do so. My team like and respect him, he fits in well here at Sales Bond. He listens carefully, delivers guidance & support and advises in a practical ‘can do’ manner.

“It is not just his knowledge and skillset that makes Roy special; it is his management style and people skills. He just ‘gets it’. I feel extremely privileged and fortunate to be part of Roy’s network and would highly recommend him and DropJaw Ventures to any business that wants to grow to the next level.”

Roy Shelton said: “We have worked with Nicole and her team of fantastic telemarketing and lead generation specialists since Spring last year which has been a true delight.

“Seeing how the team has flourished and grown since meeting them is a real joy, as we look to the future to further expand not just the range of services but additional team members and a new North West based office whilst continuing to deliver the same high-quality service to all clients.”

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