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The Issue

ebitconsultancy founder Scott Taylor initially met the DropJaw team in November 2017 after Roy, the founder of DropJaw was assigned to him as a mentor on the Aston Business School – Small Business Growth program.

Scott needed some support and guidance in identifying what his business was, who his target market was, what his main objectives were, and finally he needed tips on how to become a businessman.

The Solution

Roy and the DropJaw team embarked on helping Scott with his business road map and working with him to focus on what his business was trying to achieve. They then put plans in place to bring that to fruition.

The DropJaw team also created an end target to aim for and put deliverables in place to help Scott get them there!

Scott is also being coached on how to become a successful businessman alongside learning that profit and money are not bad things, and that he shouldn’t undersell himself or his services.

The Results

Scott and his team now have a clear vision for the future, they understand what the business is and can be. The ebit team has also realised that there are ethical ways of growing the business and making partnerships work both ways – rather than being single sided and against them.

Scott has also realised, through the support of Roy, that its ok to dare to dream big and believe in himself.

Since the DropJaw team took Scott and the ebitconsultancy team under their wing, the company has seen the following percentage increases: Staff 200%and revenue 150% – they are looking at a 1000% increase in revenue in the next three years!

Scott Taylor, Founder of ebitConsultancy said: “Without the assistance of Roy and the team at DropJaw Ventures, my business and I would still be kicking round in a pool of mediocrity. I openly admit that I came into business without a clue about how to run or grow one (corporate life and enthusiasm don’t really prepare you for it).

Realising I could not do this on my own, I enrolled on a business school program for help and gained Roy as my growth mentor.

Despite initial reservations, by the end of the first meeting we realised just what the business and our partnership could achieve, so with his help and support, I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime to create a truly awesome sustainable and viable business.

His experience, expertise and supportive manner encouraged me to become the best version of me that I can be, which has now catapulted me onto a journey to become a proper businessman but without having to sell my soul to do so. This has also been great fun!

As a result, the business has achieved record monthly sales and taken on additional staff, and we are still moving forwards at phenomenal speed to achieve our awesome future vision.

As many others have also said, Roy and the team just ‘get it’ – Roy relates to you as an individual, allowing you to remain an individual whilst instilling the necessary skills and working knowledge to help you on your own journey as well as that of the business.

Success is very much a journey not a destination, and it is a privilege and an honour to have Roy and the team support us on that journey. Without him, I would never have had the confidence to take things forward and achieve what we are all on our way to achieving.”

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