Slide About DropJaw Ventures DropJaw Ventures was founded in 2007 by Roy Shelton and is now a multi award-winning, UK based company with Headquarters in Chester. DropJaw provide access to capital, interim management and advisory services to scale up businesses and companies in need of turnaround.

Introduction to DropJaw Ventures

DropJaw, has now assembled a team of like-minded professionals respected for their knowledge and expertise in investing and advising scale up companies.

At DropJaw, we understand the challenges faced by young, emerging, scale up and more established companies who are driving for greater efficiency and commercialisation, whilst delivering services to a wide and often very complex customer base. We work with you on reviewing, refining and setting strategy to ensure all stakeholders share and contribute towards your shared vision.

We have vast experience across several industry fields, however our passion and focus are on those companies capable of achieving scale up and those in distress that need our support to aid their recovery.

Our services and case studies around investor readiness, fundraising, mergers and acquisitions, mentoring, turnaround, crisis management and corporate development of scale and or turnaround companies provide great insight to the value we create through a shared vision which we help you manage.

Our unique approach is in two clear streams:

Potential Scale Up – Our work with founders commences with pre-screening and qualifying potential investment opportunities, if we feel we can help and add value to the company, then the Scale Up journey begins and follows the following path;

  • Reviewing potential opportunities.
  • Business Modelling.
  • Investor readiness (including but not limited to:- Business Cases, Target Operating Models, Business Processes and Growth Plans).
  • Investor Identification and Proposal Stage.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Debt and or equity investments ranging from a little as £25,000 up to £5m as we tend to focus on Scale Up companies.
  • Other funding instruments include Asset based funding, leasing and invoice discounting.
  • Scale Up to drive growth in a controlled manner which maximises the Return On Investment and Continuous Service Improvement.
  • Exit Planning.

Distress and Turnaround – We call these companies specialist situation opportunities. These companies have either run in to financial distress due to insufficient capital or the shareholders have simply come to the end of their journey.

Making debt and equity investments in undervalued, underperforming or distressed businesses, the DropJaw team employs a value based approach to investing based on fundamental proprietary research and comprehensive due diligence. A emphasis is placed on;

  • Capital, value creation and preservation.
  • Receiving an appropriate return for the risk taken.
  • Post-investment monitoring which drives the value generation process.
  • We are actively engaged in managing the investments due to our own or our funding partners investment being at risk.
  • Working with and alongside management teams as a central component of our approach.
  • Supporting and partnering management to create and increase capital value by solving problems, providing honest and clarity to enable difficult decisions to be made before  driving through the change.
  • Often, successful turnarounds result in trade exits to the scale up companies we are also add value to.