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DropJaw Ventures, Business Advisory Firm

DropJaw Ventures are a specialist business advisory firm and provide access to capital, interim management and advisory services to scale up businesses and companies in need of turnaround.

Regardless of what state the company is in, we can help. Getting the company more focused, working more efficiently and effectively planning for a successful exit.

We understand the challenges faced by young, emerging, scale ups and more established companies who are driving for greater efficiency and commercialisation, whilst delivering services to a wide and often very complex customer base.

We work with clients on reviewing, refining and strategising to ensure all stakeholders share and contribute towards a common goal.

Our approach is unlike most business advisory firms, as we not only get you investor ready, secure the funding for you and help you scale up and grow. We also help you plan your exit, becoming part of your journey and part of your business development team. We endure all the emotion, pain, the highs, the lows, the euphoria and the worries of running a company with you.

DropJaw Ventures can help you;
1. Grow your company.
2. Fix your distressed company.
3. Exit your company at the best price.