Mergers and Acquisitions

When organic growth does not satisfy the needs of your stakeholders, or you would like to dispose of non-core assets, DropJaw can help!

Our refreshing approach can help you access new markets, assets, technologies, personnel, intellectual property and sources of finance.

We can also help you to restructure the asset base of your business by disposing of under-performing assets or non-core parts of your organisation. We provide a full range of Mergers and Acquisitions, financial and commercial advisory services across all industry sectors from acquisitions through to raising finance.

Some of the key benefits of working with the DropJaw team on our Mergers and Acquisition services are;

  • We work hard to position your company in the most compelling way possible and then prepare a narrative to maximise the value of your company
  • We will work with you and then prepare, source and qualify a list of opportunities for you to acquire or to be sold to including an initial report on the target company, saving you a lengthy and time consuming process
  • Our approach allows for a degree of separation and autonomy and therefore leaving you and your team to focus on running your company

Our recent blog on exit management and preparation will provide useful insight to the advice we deliver to our clients.

Like many business owners, you have probably often wondered: “How much is my business worth?” Some advisors offer a business valuation calculator. We don’t – and we never put a value on your business because we know that you only discover how much your business is worth by actively researching the best buyers, generating real competition, and putting the onus on buyers to value your business. Selling your company is the most important business deal of your life, and there are simply no short cuts.

Company owners looking to sell will need to appoint appropriate legal representation. Engaging a legal advisor who understands the demands of deal-making, due diligence and the technical aspects of a sale will greatly assist in securing the best outcomes for you and your business.

With this in mind, DropJaw has established a specially selected panel of corporate advisers, each with extensive experience of business sale (or purchase) transactions. Each has been selected solely for the quality and integrity of their work with our clients, and their proven ability to conclude successful transactions.

Whatever stage you are in with your thought process, we are able to deploy resources at short notice that combine our deep industry expertise with local knowledge to focus on your potential transaction.

For fast, independent and straight forward advice, please email  or Telephone: +44 (0) 1244 906220 and we will contact you as quickly as possible.