Investor Readiness

Investor Readiness

Business owners just having a great idea will not secure funding. Investors want to see a well thought through, logical and well documented business plan which contains a clear commercial model, realistic forecasts and above all a great team who are investable. All these points are key ingredients to securing external funding.

Knowing where to look for investment, who to speak to, what to say, how to present your story and being heard by the right type of investor is the hardest part to accessing that much needed capital.

The Dropjaw team have a proven track record of preparing entrepreneurs for those intense investment roadshows and then helping them secure the right type of investment under the right terms. We will work with you on the creation of the business plan and supporting deck, explain the funding options available, help prepare the commercial models, investor coaching, facilitate introductions to potential investors, aid with the term sheet negotiation and closure.

Some of the key benefits of working with the DropJaw team on our Investor Readiness services are;

  • Saving time and effort in the preparation of a potential investor pack which will be positioned to suit a investor who will, based on their own investment criteria consider supporting your company
  • The preparation of potential investor pack and then going through investor roadshows and potential due diligence is a time-consuming exercise which reduces your time to focus on running your company. Our role is to reduce your downtime and allow you to retain your focus
  • We will improve your success of sourcing and securing the right type, level and timing of your funding in order to maximise shareholder value

A good fundraising effort requires great effort and supporting documents. Here’s a comprehensive list of what we will work with you to initiate your Fundable Plan.

Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a short, consistent synopsis of your business, usually in just a few sentences. Perhaps surprisingly, getting your pitch to be short and consistent can be pretty difficult. Although the amount of content you need to create is tiny—just a few sentences—the amount of thought that goes into it is extraordinary.

Pitch Deck

Your pitch deck is your business plan translated into slides, typically in a PowerPoint document. While a business plan tends to be a long narrative of the business intended for one person to read on their own (which rarely happens—but more on that later), the pitch deck is what you’ll use to present your concept directly to a room of investors.

Executive Summary

The point of your executive summary, as the name implies, is to briefly summarize your business plan into just a few pages. Make no mistake though, it’s effectively the sales pitch for your business. Not only are you communicating the mechanics of the business, you are selling the value of your idea.

Business Plan

It may seem as though entrepreneurs must prepare a business plan before approaching investors, but in reality, few have real investable plans. There are a few reasons for this. First, authoring a 50-page manifesto on how your future business will operate is typically the domain of MBAs and academics, and entrepreneurs rarely have the time, resources or desire to dive into a project of that scope when they just want to get their business launched.

Financial Documents

If everything is going well, you’re going to be asked for your financial documents. These should cover a few aspects of your business, from your revenue forecasts to your operational expenses to your cash flow.The complexity of these documents can range from a single slide in your pitch deck showing some baseline guesses on where revenues will come from, to highly complicated Excel docs that involve macros and formulas changing outcomes based on key assumptions and scenarios.

It is possible to start your capital raising without all of these documents in place — it’s just not as advisable. The documents require you to do a lot of homework and preparation, which is exactly the kind of exercise you need to go through in order to become more fundable as a company.

We work closely with a range of professional services advisers including preferred rates with lawyers and accountants to ensure you receive an end to end support service in order to maximise the probability of successfully raising the funds you need.

Following the closure of the funding we can continue to add value through a range of post transaction value added services via our interim management services

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