Scale Up Advisory

So you started a business, created a product, made some money and steadied the ship. Congratulations – but what’s your next move?

Here at DropJaw we help our clients determine the right strategic priorities to grow profitability, maximise value and create a sustainable business.  We offer support, advice and practical hands on solutions to scale up business and help them achieve agreed objectives.

Some of the key benefits of working with the DropJaw team on our Scale Up services are;

  • Not everyone possesses fast paced and creative skills and if they do they are often not harnessed and focussed on the right things. The DropJaw team has many years of scale up experience and can ensure that controlled and agreed tasks are managed and delivered
  • We work with your team on a top down, bottom up approach to ensure that the scale up plan is embraced by all areas of the company
  • We work with management to monitor, track, pivot and deliver on the agreed scale up plan

Going for growth is a brave decision, but now could be the right time to do it. Growing a micro-business into a scale up business is a complex task. You must create new demand and satisfy it while simultaneously scaling up the machinations of your business to cope with the additional pressures that accompany growth.

We offer our clients scale up advice in the following areas;

Our Corporate and Business Strategy: Our approach is focused on advising leadership teams to develop a winning strategy at a corporate or business unit level to drive increased performance. We help companies make sense out of a range difficult choice such as “what they want to be famous for?” (ambition), “where they want to play?” (participation strategy), “how they intend to win?” (competitive strategy) and what priorities to focus on (management agenda).

National & International Growth Strategy: We work with you to drive both National and International growth in both mature and developing markets. We help you navigate the complexity about which countries/clusters to enter, which combination of go to market models to adopt and what implementation plan to put in place to unlock new opportunities at pace.

Strategic Planning: We help you set your business ambition, generate and evaluate key initiatives, identify other options to fill any gaps in your capabilities in order to enable you to achieve your end goal. This provides confidence to stakeholders that targets will be met and focus to management on the priorities which really matter.

M&A Strategy: We work with you to identify, screen and evaluate M&A targets to increase your share of a market, extend your revenue per customer and/or acquire core assets and capabilities in order to enhance your proposition. Our wider firm can support transactions and manage post-integration. We help you to identify, prioritise and capture sustainable growth opportunities within your core business and from new sources. We work collaboratively with our clients to unlock growth opportunities in a creative but disciplined manner.

“Roy has been working with me to develop a growth strategy for my graphic design and branding business. Through my time with him, I have gained clarity and direction, with a real focus on what can be achieved and how we can get there, as well as increased self confidence in my own abilities to reach these goals. Roy’s encouragement to dream big, his energy and knowledge have given both myself and my business a huge boost. I would highly recommend”

Kate Curry, Founder at Kate Curry Design

“We have been working with Roy in growing our Architects Practice over the last few months on a business growth programme.
Roy has listened and understood where we were and help us formulate our pathway to where we need to go to achieve significant business growth and the ways in which we can do it.
Roy is excellent as a mentor and has been there for us when we have had to deal with some recent challenges too. DropJaw Ventures – Highly recommended”

Mahmood Esmail, Founding Partner at Esmail Architects 

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