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At Dropjaw we ensure

…we complete our job with passion, professionalism and personal attention, always endeavouring to provide outstanding results, reinforced with expertise and advice that is insightful, individual and clear.

Paramount in our minds are the aims of the businesses we help; in meeting the immediate challenges they put before us; in minimising their operational risks and complexity; and in maximising their ability to accelerate towards their longer term goals.

“Roy started to deliver specialist advice and support on behalf of the Connecting Cheshire Superfast Business programme from December 2013. This was in a 1:1 capacity and focused on a wide range of commercial areas were ICT can have a positive impact.”

David Marnell - Programme and Partnership Manager Peninsula Enterprise (a business unit of Serco Regional Services Limited)

“Roy has been a great deal of help and support to me at Buckingham House. He is a noble listener and conversationalist.”

Terri Gray - Owner Buckingham House

“Dropjaw Ventures have mentored us and worked closely with The Wedding Vine team to implement process improvements that have allowed us to grow”

Michelle Findlay- Editor-in-Chief, The WeddingVine.com

“As a global company which put our customers front and centre of all we do, VATBox commit to answer its customer needs wherever they are. The DropJaw team help VATBox to be localized in the UK even before our office and first executive team was hired.”

Noam Guzman, Chairman of VATBOX

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